for your karting venue!

Improve your business with our integrated solutions for karting: timing, positioning, kart and race control, etc. !

Control sofware

Our tried and tested Sportmagix timing and control system, including: member management, scoreboard, reservations, etc.

Positioning system

We provide precise real-time positioning of your karts using the innovative and performant RTLOC tracking system

Hardware/system integrations

We integrate with vehicles and devices to provide kart remote control and race monitoring solutions

Administration software

Manage reservations, mailing campaigns and more. Information is seamlessly synced to all PC's!


Offer informative and interactive apps to your clients. We have apps for live timing, 3D view, on-kart laptracker, registration, waivers and more!

start Innovating today!

Our team

Philippe Mes

Developer (Sportmagix)

Found and developer of the main original sportmagix system, software specialist

Steven Van Den Broeck

Sales manager

Sales and on-site system setup, knows our system’s functionality like no other

Frederic Mes

Developer (positioning system)

Software- and electrical engineer, embedded systems specialist

Wim Marynissen

Developer (apps)

Software- and electrical engineer, front-end and back-end developer

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